SANCTUS - Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks
Insurance Coverage
If you have been involved in a car accident and have an open claim,  your massage services may be covered for soft tissue injuries. 
The therapists at Sanctus are offering to work with your insurance company in the case of a Car accident.  Massage is paid for by insurance companies involved in the case of  a car  accident and workers comp.  We can give you the properly coded receipts and session notes to submit to the car insurance company.  Usually the payments can be deferred until your claim has been settled. 
 In the case of  workers compensation we can bill them directly.  Both of these options require a prescription for massage therapy with the diagnostic codes and a specific request for deep tissue massage/Manual therapy.  The frequency and duration must also be specific.  Please ask your doctor for this at your initial or follow up visit.
Jessica and Sandra offer a discount to certain medical insurance companies.  This is offered thru a refferal service called American Specialty Health.  This discounts regularly priced therapeutic massage sessions only.  Please ask them directly or look them up in your insurance directory.
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