SANCTUS - Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks
$190.00 Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate Can be used for couples massage.
Price: $190.00
$200.00 Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate
Price: $200.00
Bodywork Session with Carol
60 minute session
Price: $160.00
Couples Massage
50 minute session with military discount included.
Price: $171.00
Custom for David only
Therapeutic, Biotone foot scrub, Salt gloss exfoliation.
Price: $153.00
Spa or Therapeutic Massage
50 minute full body sessions
Price: $95.00
Ultimate Spa Day
4 hours, multiple services
Price: $320.00
50 minute session
can be used for Hot Rocks or Deep Tissue or Pre Natal or Sports Massage
Price: $125.00
$100.00 Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate
Price: $100.00
$50.00 Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate
Price: $50.00
Hot Stone Massage
Placing and using of hot and cold stone with massage oils...50 minutes
Price: $125.00
Ultimate Foot Massasge
Feet are cleansed, masked, cleaned with warm towels and massaged...30 minutes
Price: $55.00
Therapeutic Massage
Massage sessions using various technigues depanding on your needs. May or may not be full body session...... 50 minutes
Price: $95.00
Spa Massage
Relaxing Full Body Massage...50 minutes
Price: $95.00
Pregnancy Massage
Massage to support the changes and the special needs of your body during pregnancy... 50 minutes
Price: $120.00
Spa option
Special For Mom
Price: $175.00
Sports Massage
sport specific focus
Price: $120.00
Spa treatment
Price: $175.00
Therapeutic Massage
80 minutes
Price: $142.50
Deep Tissue Massage for Couple
50 minute deep tissue massages for 2 people
Price: $250.00
Therapeutic Massage
50 minute full body massage with focus on one area.
Price: $95.00
Deep Tissue Massage
50 minutes of focused massage.
Price: $125.00
Webbing belt - hand stitched symbols on either end
Price: $50.00
Webbing belt without hand stitched symbols
Price: $20.00
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