SANCTUS - Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks
Spa Packages
Ultimate Spa Day
Facial, Spa massage, Body wrap, Salt glo exfoliation. 
The exfoliation will be followed by the wrap after which you will put on a robe and slippers & put your feet up while you are served a light snack, the massage and the facial will then proceed.
$260.00...4 hours
Spa Day
Facial & Spa massage followed by a light snack.
$135.00...2 hours
Mini Spa Day
30 minute facial,  30 minute spa massage.
$70.00...60 minutes
Spa Fitness
Personal training session, sports massage.
You will be served  a light snack before your massage.  You will be offered hot moist towels to refresh yourself before your massage.
$185.00...2 hours
Spa and Massage Sampler
You can combine 3 offerings 30 mins each. Choose from: Thai Massage, Craniolsacral, Foot Massage, Hot Rocks, Wrap, Facial.
$130.00...90 minutes
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