SANCTUS - Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks
Classes offered to the public
Infant Massage
This class is for the new parent or for the parent who wants or needs help bonding with infant or older child.  This is a hands on class child needs to be present.  We will cover basic movement options and then add some light oil or lotion and explore some options for safe nurturing touch.
Class length limited to one hour as our young participants get cranky and fidgety. With massage a little goes a long way.
$50.00....1 hour  (class can be repeated as needed)
Thai Massage for couples
Thai massage is a combination of yoga & stretching, that is traditionally carried out on a futon on the floor. You will be asked to wear loose comfortable clothing to allow plenty of movement as the body will be placed in different yoga like positions as part of the routine. You and your partner will be taught a routine that will cover the anterior and posterior of the body.  This class is fun and will help you both increase flexibility.
Class length 2 hours....$150.00 per couple
Assisted stretching for couples
We will be teaching basic stretches that are best performed by a partner.  The stretches can be tailored to your specific needs for example: sport or post injury.
$50.00....1 hour per couple
Relaxation Massage Basics
We will introduce you to basic massage techniques and explaining how best to use our bodies to minimize stress and pain on the giver.  Massage is usually not given because the hands hurt or the back is under stress, both of these very common complaints are easily eliminated with some basic principles of body mechanics.  This class is fun for giver and receiver, you will both have table time.
2  1/2 hours....$150.00 per couple
Classes for Post graduate massage therapists
Tutoring & National Certification Prep
CEU Classes
Classes offered as continuing education credits to post graduate massage therapists
Advanced Deep Tissue
NCTMB Approved Provider #451250-10
20 CEU's
This course is intended to enhance your ability to initiate long term changes to the soft tissue matrix. My intention is to work from where you are and enhance your knowledge of deeper bodywork. We will study how movement flows through the body, and what prevents this movement.  Then giving you options to re-introduce healthy fluid movement patterns.
4 mini sessions..5 hours each........ $500.00 covers all 20 hours
Chair Massage and Clothed Table Massage
NCTMB Approved Provider #450585-08
This course is designed to teach you techniques that can be used during on-site events or with clients who prefer not removing their clothing.  The chair can also be used as an option for clients who cannot lie down.
4 hours 30 minutes....$100.00
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